EQC Launches Luxury Retail Training Center
(April 11, '12, 6:34 IDEX Online Staff Reporter)

(IDEX Online News) – The European Quality Circle (EQC), which focuses on organizing buying groups, increasing sales and profitability and enhancing consumer confidence in the jewelry industry, will begin offering training programs for the luxury retail industry through its new EQC Training Centre™ (EQC-TC™), which is scheduled to open on May 1. 


The training programs will initially be open to those in the jewelry and watch sector and will be followed by cosmetics, optometry, as well as high fashion and accessories.  


ECQ-TC’s diamond and gem training programmes will be provided by HRD Antwerp NV. The courses will be offered in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese and Hebrew.


EQC CEO Eyal Atzmon said the decision to venture beyond the jewelry and watch sector came from the work floor. "Often, when we are screening, interviewing, and training staff members for jobs in jewelry retail operations, shop owners and trainees alike express their desire for training that will enable them also to venture out into other luxury retail product categories," he said.


"Our aim is to locate, engage and service like-minded retailers who wish to sell top-quality products, provide the best customer service, and, as a result, enhance consumer confidence in luxury products," he added.


The training center will provide EQC's current training programs and make them available to a wider audience.


The organization said that in response to numerous requests from insurance agencies it will provide customized security training for gem dealers, wholesalers, retailers and their staff.


The center will also offer a training and consulting program to assist European firms targeting the Chinese luxury market to find staff and train them to work in China. In association with its strategic partner in China, EQC-TC™ will offer similar training modules to Chinese companies with an interest in establishing retail operations in Europe.


Students who complete their training will receive the “EQC Passport™.” Atzmon said he hopes the passport will become an indispensable document that will be part of the graduates' CVs when searching for a position in the luxury industry. "Retailers will know that candidates in possession of the EQC Passport™ have been carefully chosen, screened and trained, and therefore have the best cards to perform well, both in sales and in management, from their very first day on the job."