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Diamond Retail Benchmark

Introduction to the DRB List

For the first time ever, diamond jewelry consumers are going to have a diamond retail benchmark that will guide them in how much they should pay for a diamond. The Diamond Retail Benchmark (DRB) is derived from up-to-date market data using an objective and fully transparent methodology.

The diamond category is one of the few retail sectors that up to now has not had a Retail Benchmark for consumers. For consumers, many of them first-time diamond buyers, the purchase of a diamond may sometimes prove to be a confusing experience. As a luxury product that will accompany consumers through major life events and will be bought to celebrate those events, confidence is elementary. Consumers should be able to buy a diamond with the confidence of knowing they paid a fair price.

The DRB presents a retail price recommendation for a diamond based on each of the 4Cs – Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. The benchmark is based on the high-end of retail prices currently in the market place, therefore allowing enough room for all business models. The DRB should be used as background information only. Actual prices are determined by the sellers.

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