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Latest News & Stories

Too much supply of rough going into the market

"New producers have come online. Existing producers have produced more and then there have been some shocks to the industry." Read More..

Don't punish African diamond producing countries without cause, WFDB President says

It should not come as a surprise to anyone in Southern Africa that the enthusiasm to comply with what is perceived as new a form of economic colonialism is pretty limited. Read More..

BlueRock sells a 12.2 carat diamond for $105,000

Kareevlei consists of five known kimberlite pipes, produces diamonds of exceptional quality and ranks in the top ten in the world in terms of average value per carat. Read More..

As expected, De Beers reports decline in performance for second quarter

"Demand for rough diamonds remains subdued as a result of challenges in the midstream with higher polished inventories, and caution due to macro-economic uncertainty." Read More..

US retail performs better than expected in June

"These are impressive results showing that the consumer remains engaged and that consumer spending gave a boost to the economy in the second quarter." Read More..

Richemont's watch sales drop slightly in June

Richemont stated that watch sales were more subdued during the first three months of the year as it has introduced most of its new timepieces this year during the second quarter. Read More..