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GIA Detects "Impostor" Diamonds with Fake Inscriptions

GIA has reported new instances of gems being submitted for grading with fraudulent inscriptions. The diamonds were either lab-grown or treated naturals but bore inscriptions on their girdles relating ... Read More..

De Beers Increases Rough Prices Again

De Beers has reportedly increased prices for the third Sight in a row, as demand for rough keeps getting stronger. The UK-based miner doesn't comment on prices but insiders say they're up four per... Read More..

Lucara Reports $26m Loss as it Holds Back Special-Sized Stones

Lucara reported a fall in revenue and per-carat prices during the pandemic as it held back the large stones (+10.8-cts) that usually represent 70 per cent of its sales. They'll start selling them next month... Read More..

Gay-Friendly Jeweler Ditches the word "Bridal"

A Hatton Garden jeweler has ditched the term "bridal" from all its literature. It also says it will no longer uses the word "her" when referring to ring sizes. Queensmith Master Jewellers... Read More..

Go Online, Urges VanderLinden, in Farewell Message to DMIA

Ronnie VanderLinden has stepped down after eight years as president of the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA). In a farewell message he urges members... Read More..

Diamond Aid for ex-Robben Island Prisoners

A fund for Namibia's former political inmates of South Africa's notorious Robben Island prison is prospecting for diamonds. It is now seeking to extend its license to explore a 1,500-hectare ... Read More..