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Latest News & Stories

World's Largest Sapphire Cluster - 2.5m carats - Found in Gem Trader's Back Yard

The world's largest sapphire cluster - weighing 2.5 million carats, or more than half a ton - has been found by workers digging a well at the home of a gem trader in Sri Lanka. The pale blue stone... Read More..

"Bogus Gemologist" tells Court: It wasn't me, it was my Dead Sister

The woman accused of swapping $7.8m of diamonds for worthless pebbles told a court it wasn't her. It was her dead sister. Lulu Lakatos, 60, is accused of posing as a gemologist called Anna ... Read More..

A Blessing in Disguise? Full Analysis of the Pandemic in IDEX's Pipeline 2020

Coronavirus has caused global devastation, but for a diamond industry that was in turmoil, it may prove to have been a blessing in disguise. It has emerged from the depths of pandemic lockdowns.... Read More..

Sammy Davis Jr's Jewels Fetch way above Estimates

A diamond ring owned by the legendary Sammy Davis Jr sold for $69,000, way above its high estimate of $40,000 at Bonhams' California. The octagonal-shaped modified brilliant-cut... Read More..

Tiffany Targets the Young . . . and Angers the Old

Tiffany & Co is suffering a backlash over its new ad campaign - condemned on social media as disgusting, disrespectful and ageist. Posters of grungy young women with attitude, headlined... Read More..

TAGS Sells a Record $62m of Rough in Dubai

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) last week sold a record $62m at a rough tender in Dubai. It more than doubled its June sales of $30m, though the overall price per carat was lower... Read More..