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AGS - American Gem Society

The American Gem Society was established in 1934 with the vision of creating an association dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest possible standards of business ethics and professionalism in the jewelry industry.

AGTA - American Gem Trade Association

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) is an association of North American trade professionals dedicated to promoting the long term stability and integrity of the natural colored gemstone, pearl, and cultured pearl industry.

BJA - British Jewellers` Association

The BJA is the voice of the manufacturing jewellery industry in the UK. It has provided strong leadership for the industry for over 100 years and today, perhaps more than ever before, is involved in taking those decisions, which will shape the industry`s future.

Borsa Diamanti d`Italia

Founded in 1926, the objective of Borsa Diamanti d`Italia is to foster and promote the interests and development of the diamond, precious stone and related jewellery industries in Italy.

BVGD - Belgium Polished Diamond Dealers Association

The Belgian Polished Diamond Dealers Association, represents the interests of the Belgian dealers, exporters and importers of polished diamonds. The BVGD is the sole professional organization recognized by the government to speak on behalf of the polished diamond dealers. Our By-Laws are reviewed by the Council of State.

CIBJO - The World Jewellery Confederation

CIBJO is an international confederation of national jewellery trade organizations. CIBJO`s purpose is to encourage harmonisation, promote international cooperation in the jewellery industry, and to consider issues which concern the trade worldwide.

CJA - California Jeweleres Association

Founded in 1933, The California Jewelers Association (CJA) represents the interests of jewelry professionals. The CJA advocates high ethical standards & assists members in improving their business skills and profitability through member services and marketing programs.

CJA - Canadian Jewellers Association

Our history begins in Toronto, November 15, 1884 with the formation of the Jewellers Security Alliance of Canada, the forerunner Canadian Jewellers Association. Its purpose was to help jewellers strengthen their security measure generally discourage jewellery store thefts.

CJA - Chicago Jewelers` Association

Founded in 1874, the Chicago Jewelers` Association (CJA) is the Midwest`s oldest & most prestigious jewelry industry group. The CJA provides a forum for retailers, wholesalers, sales representatives, and manufacturers to exchange vital information and new ideas.

DDC - Diamond Dealer`s Club of New York

The DDC is the largest, oldest and most respected diamond bourse, known throughout the world for its safe, secure environment for business transaction as well as a neutral location where buyers feel comfortable doing business on their terms.

DDE - Dubai Diamond Exchange

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) is the first diamond bourse within the Arab region, serving a broader region of growing trade flows beyond the Middle East. The Exchange facilitates the trade of rough and polished diamonds in and through the region.

DFHK - Diamond Federation of Hong Kong

The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China, is the joined force of two well known diamond associations in Hong Kong, namely, the Diamond Importers Association and the Hong Kong Diamond Bourse.

Diamond Bourse of Canada

The voice of the Canadian diamond industry, we create, invigorate and enhance all diamond trading activities, by offering efficient services & innovative, secure trading solutions to industry stakeholders.

Diamond Chamber Of Russia

The Diamond Chamber Of Russia was established in 1996 by the leaders of the Russian diamond industry, with a view to promote the development of the diamond market in Russia in conformity with the current international practice.

DMCC - Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

A strategic initiative of the Dubai government created to establish a commodity market place in Dubai. Rated `A` by Standard & Poor`s, it provides industry-specific market infrastructure and a full range of facilities for the gold & precious metals, diamonds & coloured stones, energy and other commodities industries.

DMIA - Diamond Manufacturers And Importers Association Of America

The DMIA Inc. is the Association of the leading diamond manufacturing and importing companies in the United States, each of whom is dedicated to foster and promote high ethical standards and integrity amongst members of the American Diamond Industry.

DPS - Diamond Promotion Service

The Diamond Promotion Service, a department of the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, provides marketing, merchandising and education support to the jewelry industry on behalf of the Diamond Trading Company.

GJEPC - Gem & Jewellery Promotion Council

Set up in 1966, the GJEPC is an all-India apex body representing more than 7000 jewellers from India, and it operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, and elected representatives of the industry.

HKJMA - Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers` Association

HKJMA works closely with Hong Kong SAR Government and other local and overseas trade associations to voice out the local industry`s needs as well as strive for Hong Kong jeweler`s rights, develope commercial and trading relationships and advance mutual interests.

HRD - Antwerp Diamond High Council

The Antwerp Diamond High Council (HRD) wants to further develop Antwerp as a world diamond centre, by representing and supporting the image of the sector in Belgium and abroad.

ICA - International Colored Gemstone Association

The International Colored Gemstone Association is a nonprofit association founded in 1983 to represent the international gemstone industry. The ICA is the first and only organization working to increase the understanding, appreciation, and sales of colored gemstones worldwide.

IDE - Israel Diamond Exchange

Trust and reliability are qualities that have distinguished the Israel Diamond Exchange ever since its very first steps, in a tiny crowded room in Tel-Aviv in 1937.

IDI - Israel Diamond Institute

All organizations that have direct, daily contact with Israel`s diamond industry are represented in the Israel Diamond Institute, a non-profit, public company, established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in conjunction with the diamond industry and with the Histadrut labor federation.

IJMA - Israel Jewelry Manufacturers` Association

IJMA is a non profit national organization. Its main objective is to provide the industry skilled manpower, and to create the infrastructure for the manufacture and marketing of high quality jewelry for exports and for the Israeli market.

ISDMA - Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association

Founded in 1944 by fifteen leaders of the diamond industry at that time, the purpose of the IsDMA is to handle and to facilitate all aspects of the Israeli diamond industry and diamond trade.

JA - Jewelers of America

Jewelers of America (JA) is the national association for the retail jeweler. JA is both a center of knowledge for the jeweler and an advocate for professionalism and high social, ethical, and environmental standards in the jewelry trade.

JBT - The Jewelers Board of Trade

The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) is the only association providing credit, collection and marketing services geared specifically to the jewelry industry.

Jewelers Alert

Our objective is to create a real-time forum where dealers can post personal experiences with specific companies or individuals who have either been Slow Paying or Non-Responsive. These are early warnings of a Scammer or a company on the verge of going Bankrupt

JSA - Jewelers` Security Alliance

A non-profit trade association with 21,000 members that has been providing crime information and assistance to the jewelry industry and law enforcement since 1883. JSA fulfills its mission of informing and alerting jewelers about crime through frequent E-Mail Crime Alerts and print publication, a web site, seminars and consulting activities.

JVC - Jewelers Vigilance Committee

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is a not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to maintain the jewelry industry`s highest ethical standards. Since we opened our doors in 1912, we have served as a resource for both trade and consumers.

MJSA - Manufacturer Jewelers and Suppliers of America Inc.

At the heart of MJSA`s mission is a simple belief: that unity brings strength, and strength brings influence. A national association with international influence, MJSA represents the interests of those who are connected in any way to the manufacture or sale of jewelry.

NAJA - National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

The largest membership association specializing exclusively in gems and jewelry appraising and related appraisal issues. It offers education and networking opportunities
with knowledgeable appraisal professionals.

NCDIA - Natural Color Diamond Association

With a membership drawn from among the world`s most prominent rough color diamond producers, diamond and jewelry manufacturers, and retailers with established networks, NCDIA is the preeminent public advocate for natural color diamonds.

SDE - Shanghai Diamond Exchange

The SDE provides diamond dealers a fair, just and safe transaction venue with closed management, and will operate in accordance with the international practices of the diamond industry.

WDC - World Diamond Council

Amid growing concern over human rights violations and atrocities committed against innocent victims in diamond producing countries of war-torn northern Africa, the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association passed a resolution in July 2000, creating the World Diamond Council.

WFDB - World Federation of Diamond Bourses

The WFDB was founded in 1947 to unite and to provide bourses trading in rough and polished
diamonds and precious stones, with a common set of trading practice.