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A. Dalumi Diamonds Ltd.

Dalumi is a market leader in the global diamond industry, with 15 offices conveniently located around the world. Our marketing department is focused on creating branded jewelry and diamond campaigns. Dalumi owns a number of factories, including a jewelry manufacturing facility providing entire ranges of generic and branded jewelry.

Almod Diamonds Ltd.

Almod Diamonds is family owned and operated, boasting 85 diamond stores throughout the Caribbean and North America under the brand name Diamonds International. Catering to cruise ship passengers, DI deals with a full range of diamonds and diamond jewelry, with a specialization in tailored makes.

AMC bvba

The definitive source for certified rounds from 1ct+ up, in all colors. More than just manufacturers of diamonds, we pride ourselves in innovative activities in product and market development. We invest resource and know-how, with "every client a partner, every sale a partnership" as our credo.

Ankit Gems Private Limited

Established in 1985, Ankit Gems is a fast-growing Diamond Processing Company. Recognized by the Indian Government as an Export House, Ankit Gems imports rough diamonds, processes and exports polished diamonds to different regions globally.

Arjav Diamonds nv

Arjav Belgium is one of the world`s major rough distributors with a dynamic and high quality customer base. As a strategic marketing "hub" of the vertically integrated diamond conglomerate "Blue Star Group", it runs steadily expanding manufacturing and polished business lines, and manages all overseas downstream ventures of the group.

Arslanian Cutting Works NWT Ltd.

Arslanian Cutting Works (ACW), along with its associated companies, specialises in loose diamonds that are sourced from Canadian mines and manufactured in Yellowknife, Canada. The company has enhanced its reputation by developing a number of loose diamond brands that are built on its unique operation within the country.

Asian Star Company Limited

Asian Star Company, specializes in the manufacture of Rounds and Fancies of fine make from 1pt to 1ct. We have a global presence in the jewelry business, serving our clients worldwide through our network of associates, all of whom share our uncompromising dedication to quality, creativity and innovation.

Bhavani Gems

Bhavani Gems, a large manufacturer specializing in Rounds and Tapers. We employ over 10,200 people and 100% of our polished is manufactured in-house with top equipment. We offer a full range of small stars, melee and +11 to jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the USA, Belgium, Far East and India.

Blue Star

Blue Star is one of the world`s leading polished manufacturers and distributors. Due to its large and modern factories, driven on consistency, efficiency and excellence, Blue Star has become first choice supplier of major polished wholesale and jewelry manufacturing houses in the key consumer markets.

Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co. Ltd.

Chow Sang Sang retails diamonds, gold and jewelry in Greater China. Alongside jewelry manufactured by the Group in China and Hong Kong, we have introduced The Love Diamond and other international jewelry brands to the region.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd.

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd. is a 75-year-old, vertically integrated, diamonds and jewelry conglomerate, operating three diamond cutting factories in South Africa and China. Our main focus is on jewelry retailing in greater China, operating a network of more than 200 stores.

D Navinchandra Gems

D. Navinchandra Gems was established in 1970 by Mr. Dilip D. Mehta. Today, the company has developed into a large-scale polished manufacturing business with offices in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Antwerp, Delhi and Kolkatta

Dali Diamond Company nv

Sightholders since 1968, our strength is our extensive manufacturing of fine goods in Belgium, Israel, CIS and China, enabling us to supply customers with steady and consistent assortments, including our WebCut TM. Strategic alliances with prestigious jewelry manufacturers and our visionary approach, make us the ideal supplier of choice.

DDM Arabov Group

Since its inception, the Arabov Group has catered to the high-end jewelry market, developing and maintaining strong relationships with independent jewelers around the world. The company’s reputation is one built on integrity, quality, and innovation.

De Toledo Diamonds Ltd.

With over 300 uniquely prepared rough diamond assortments, we offer value added and focused products, tailor-made to your exact needs. Our "just-in-time" and "plan ahead" supply capabilities and other supporting services are devised to help you focus on your business and downstream activities.

Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

Dharmanandan has implanted into the veins of its business machinery the religion of service: through time, quality and price. Striving for excellence in all aspects of work, we are renowned for our expertise of designs, shapes and cuts of diamonds, with precision and excellence.

Diacor International Ltd. - The Steinmetz Group Of Companies

The Steinmetz Diamond Group covers the entire pipeline from mining to e-tailing and is one of the most dynamic in the industry. Specializing in large, fancy colored and rare stones, the Group supports a full spectrum of products and clients with a focus on long-term relations.

Diamanthandel A.Spira bvba

Selling our first parcel of rough diamonds a century ago, we had one simple belief: building relationships of trust with customers. Our customers expect precise standards of color, size, shape and purity. That is precisely what we deliver. Reliability and integrity enables people to work with us effectively.


Enriching artisans towards creation and innovation…Holding a diamond is momentous. Being an absolute personification of the nature’s abstract splendo

Diarough nv

A global player, Diarough provides a comprehensive range of rough and polished, manufactured in our own factories with an emphasis on the excellence of the make and the creative variety of cuts. Diarough is also a leader in Natural Fancies. Teemane Manufacturing Co is part of the international Diarough group.

Digico Holdings Ltd.

Digico manufactures diamonds across a spectrum of Thai, Chinese and Indian makes, ideal makes and special cuts, as well as affordable exclusive diamond-studded jewelry. With global marketing strength and its own international network, Digico offers diamonds and jewelry to wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

Dilipkumar V. Lakhi

Our core competency is 2,200+ fixed and consistent assortments at fixed prices, providing our global customers unmatched buying flexibility and the Power of Choice TM from white to browns in all sizes. Consistency and reliability of supply with effective marketing support and constant innovation remain the pillars of our policy.

Dimexon Diamonds Limited

We specialize in fine makes producing large volumes on a consistent basis. Our 65-year history in retailing and manufacturing diamonds and branded jewelry gives us a unique apprecitation of our clients` requirements. We act as partners through our marketing department, which provides promotional, training, research and planning support.

E.F.D. Ltd.

EFD are the leading specialists in Princess Cuts. Our PrincessPlus TM signature stone and jewelry line is the highlight of our production. Our head office is in Israel, with state-of-the-art factories in Thailand and China. We manufacture top quality loose diamonds and finished jewelry.

Eurostar Diamond Holding SA

For 25 years now Eurostar`s identity has been shaped by integrity, professionalism and trust. As a leading global manufacturer and distributor of fine polished diamonds, we work closely with all levels of the industry to provide their every need and further their success.

Exelco NV

Exelco is a consumer-facing diamond company, retailing and branding diamond collections and concepts globally. Activities are concentrated in the two regions of Japan/Asia and the USA. We have two retail chains in Japan, Exelco Diamond Belgium and Ginza Diamond Shiraishi, both market leaders.

EZ Diamonds

Leading in the procurement, manufacturing, and distribution of small, fine-make rounds
With more than 50 years of knowledge and experience, EZ Diamonds has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of small excellent-make round diamonds from 0.01 to 0.75 ct. We supply jewelers, watchmakers, and diamond dealers around the world.

Fruchter Gad Diamonds Ltd.

For over 15 years we have sold rough diamonds in 150 steady assortments of color, clarity and size, in round and fancy shapes, ready for production. Our particular strength is in selling specific goods to different world markets matching local demand. Our primary markets are India, Hong Kong, Israel, Belgium.

Gold Star Diamond Pvt. Ltd

Gold Star is part of the R.T. Group of Companies, an integrated source for a range of diamond products from loose stones to watches. We offer continuous, consistent supplies of regular diamond shapes and bespoke cuts. We also provide customised products from sketch to finish, plus marketing support.

H Dipack

From our earliest days as a small business trading in rough diamonds, our company has combined a clear vision, a sharp focus and a whole lot of ingenuity to create an organization of the future. Our journey offers a rich history we are proud to share with you.

Hardstone Processing (Pty) Ltd.

HSP was one of the first companies to start manufacturing in Namibia in 2003, and the first with a Namibian workforce to manufacture 2-10 carat rough diamonds; the company’s core business. The company manufactures a broad spectrum of polished and proprietary cuts, including the company’s patented Namibian Sun®.

Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd

If there is one thing that can move mountains or change beliefs, it is `Faith`. An assurance that is rarely seen but often felt.A trust, confidence and conviction that bonds one entity with another in the most inseparable of ways.

Henri Polak Diamond Corporation

Global dealer in Rough Industrial Diamonds used in the manufacture of consumer products from automobiles, airplanes and digital cameras to surgical knives and pacemakers. Offering a consistently sorted range of qualities through our standardized pricelist.

Hesenfeld-Stein Inc

In 1948, my father (Alexander Hasenfeld) began his career in the diamond industry. He had a business philosophy back then, and it is that same philosophy that drives Hasenfeld-Stein today - "Do what you do best, and do it better than anyone else

J.B. Diamonds

Our business ranges from diamond manufacturing to marketing jewelry. We also specialize in different cuts and creating unusual jewelry designs from those cuts. We manufacture our diamonds and jewelry in-house, aided by the latest technology and MIS giving assured high quality and consistency.


The Jasani Group laid its foundation in India in 1966 and is one of the pioneers of the lndian diamond industry. After becoming a DTC Sightholder in l973, the company has evolved to become one of India`s largest sightholders and has successfully stamped its reputation across the global market.

Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd.

Jewelex India, formerly PD Kothari, has been a Sightholder for more than 30 years. Jewelex holds ISO 9001/9002 quality accreditation and is founded in diamond manufacturing, specializing in fine cut rounds. We also manufacture jewelry in our state-of-the-art unit in India.

Julius Klein Group

The Julius Klein Group has been a recognized leader in manufacturing and international distribution of fine quality diamonds and diamond jewelry since 1948. With offices worldwide, the Group is the source for the broadest selection of diamonds ranging from 30 points to 100 cts+, colors, Rounds and Fancies.

K Girdharlal International Limited

K. Girdharlal, better known as K.G., was established in 1967 dominantly as diamond traders, with little resources used in diamond cutting and polishing

Karp Impex Limited

We are a leading manufacturer of a full range of perfectly cut polished diamonds in Rounds and Fancy Shapes. We are technically innovative and offer a complete line of fine jewelry, including patented designs and cuts. Our global sales network offers full service to our customers worldwide.

KGK Enterprises

We cover all aspects, from diamond processing and gemstone cutting to the manufacture of jewelry. We specialize in marketing the full size range from 0.005 to 2.00cts, providing the highest quality. Magnetic and invisibly set jewelry is produced at our manufacturing facilities in India and China.

Kiran Gems Pvt. Ltd.

KIRAN is the world’s largest manufacturer of white diamonds below 1 ct and one of the world`s foremost jewellery manufacturers. With its 121 state of the art diamond production facilities and 24,000 employees, Kiran has delighted some of the leading jewellers of the world. It polishes 1.47 million cts annually.

KP Sanghvi & Sons

When it comes to diamonds, KP Sanghvi is your ultimate destination. KP Sanghvi specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of diamonds ranging from 0.005 to 5 carats, in Round, Marquise and Princess Cuts.

Kristall Production Corporation OAO

Kristall Production Corporation opened its doors in 1963, laying the foundation for the development of the diamond polishing industry in Russia. During its more than half a century’s history

L.M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd.

Over a century of excellence.
For over 100 years L. M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd has continued its impeccable reputation for the sourcing, grading and supply of natural industrial diamonds

Laurelton Diamonds


Melee to 10ct sizes
+10ct specials
Fancy models

Laxmi Diamond

We are well established manufacturers of stars, melee and Princess Cut polished diamonds. A truly globalized business with five overseas sales offices, Laxmi Diamonds has recently launched a branded jewelry line "Cygnus". Available initially in India, the Cygnus brand will be extended worldwide.

Lazare Kaplan International Inc.

Founded in 1903, LKI has been the leader in industry innovation; pioneers of ideal cut diamonds, first to laser inscribe diamonds, and first to offer our uniquely brilliant diamonds as a brand with complete marketing support. LKI also cuts and polishes commercial diamonds.

Leo Schachter & Company Ltd.

We have been an Israeli Sightholder, specializing in polished diamond exports for over forty years. Our offices worldwide supply diamond assortments and diamond jewelry programs to companies of all sizes.

Lieber And Solow, Ltd.

We are a family business that sells natural diamonds worldwide to toolmakers. We manufacture parcels according to each toolmaker’s specifications. Our knowledge of the tools being manufactured, the technology being used in the process, and the parameters set by each individual customer enables us to satisfy our customer’s demands.

M. Suresh & Co.

We are a fully integrated diamond business with a leading role in Indian exports of polished diamonds and diamond jewelry. Offering excellent customer service through our global presence we specialize in Rounds, Marquise and Princess Cuts, Tapers and Baguettes in SI and lower qualities. We also specialize in handcrafted jewelry.

Mahendra Brothers

We are a diamond business with heart. As entrepreneurs our forte is in proactive marketing for loose and branded jewelry. Our global capabilities are configured to deliver high value marketing programs, backed by skilful manufacturing, consistent grading and timely deliveries.

Mohit Diamonds Impex Private Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1916, Mohit has become a leading dealer in a wide range of rough. As well as being a manufacturer, Mohit produces diamond jewelry in Seepz for export, principally to the USA and Europe. Our DiA brand is now retailing high end diamond jewelry in India.

Moti Ganz

We are a dynamic second generation business providing a "One Stop Shop" for a variety of detailed assortments, predominantly Rounds, in a wide range of sizes, clarities and colors. Moti Ganz operates an international network of offices and is the home of the premium Elara TM.

Niru Diamonds Israel (1987) Ltd.

Niru is a DTC Sightholder, offering you enhanced consistency, reliability in your supply, and assurance in the authenticity and integrity of your diamonds

Pluczenik Diamond Company nv

Pioneers and DTC Sightholders for over 50 years. A global network offering a complete spectrum in all sizes, shapes and qualities, jewelry and some of the rarest stones. We service small independents, major retailers and leading brands, such as Escada. Perfection is our tradition, innovation is our future.

Premier Gem Corporation

Premier Gem is known worldwide for its ability to provide its retail partners with everything from the "Incomparable to the Everyday TM". Emphasis on personalized service, customized programs for retail partners and on time procurement. Extensive inventory with sizes ranging from 0.30 points to large and important stones.

Ratilal Becharlal & Sons

Ratilal Becharlal & Sons is a vertically integrated corporation, producing a variety of polished and jewelry, with a full range of value added services. We are large scale manufacturers of jewelry maintaining high technical and ethical standards.

Richold Sa

Founded in 1976 in Geneva, Richold is the only Sightholder in Switzerland. Highly specialised in tailor made Full and Single cuts, Richold is the leading supplier of renowned worldwide watch and jewellery brands. Richold manufactures to very precise standards at plants in China and Sri Lanka.

Rosy Blue (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Over 40 years we have built our family-run organization into a global company providing a specialist service for every customer. From volume production of Rounds and Princess Cuts to jewelry manufacturing, including InterGold - the largest Indian exporter of diamond jewelry, we are "The Soul of a Diamond".

Rosy Blue nv

We think of ourselves as "The Soul of a Diamond". Our dynamic family organization is built on expertise and integrity. By leveraging our global presence, we provide all our customers with every specialist need, from dedicated manufacturing through jewelry design teams to a marketing department.

S.Vinodkumar Diamonds Pvt. Ltd.

S Vinodkumar Diamonds is one of India’s leading manufacturer & distributor of polished diamonds. We supply polished diamonds to prominent retailers & jewelry manufacturers across the world.

Safdico Ltd.

Safdico specialises in high-end blue-white gems, fancy colors and large sized diamonds. Together with our partner, Graff, we have purveyed some of the most fabulous gems in the world.

Sahar Atid Diamonds Ltd.

Benefiting from 30 years experience in providing comprehensive customer services, tailored to clients’ requirements, we are experts in premium manufacturing & innovative marketing of straight-edged fancies, special cuts & rounds. Our motto “No Limits” fits our dynamic approach and passion to develop added value products and services.

Schachter & Namdar Polishing Works, Ltd.

Global and efficient in manufacture and sales, we have factories and offices wherever diamonds are found. Our prime offices in Israel and New York combine sales of assorted loose diamonds and programs to wholesale and retail markets.

Shairu Gems

Shairu Gems is a diamond manufacturer that specialises in High-Light Return Round Brilliants in 0.20ct. to 1.5ct. We are also a recognised developer and producer of patented special cuts as well as fancy shapes - princess, marquise, pear. Shairu Gems was established in 1976.

Sheetal Manufacturing Co.

Sheetal is the largest volume manufacturer of diamonds in the world with an estimated production of 1.5m carats per annum, mostly in brown and natts. This huge production is sorted and marketed with consistent quality control and delivered to our clients` exact specifications.

Shree Ramkrishna Export

Passionately innovative, Progressively technological and Principally ethical, SRK is India’s leading player in manufacturing exquisite natural diamonds evoking global appeal and admiration.

Shrenuj & Company Ltd.

Formed in 1906, the Shrenuj Group employs technology intensive manufacturing to produce high quality diamonds as well as medium and fine jewelry. With its global reach, Shrenuj caters to regional customer requirements in a wide range of diamonds and jewelry.

Signet Direct Diamond Sourcing Limited

Signet Jewelers Limited is the largest specialty jewelry retailer in the US, UK and Canada. Signet operates approximately 3,600 stores primarily under the name brands of Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry, H.Samuel, Ernest Jones

Star Diamond Group (Sdg) bv

The Star Diamond Group, founded in 1948, offers services covering every facet of the diamond jewelry business. In a consumer and marketing driven environment, we are able to provide clients with value-added services from rough distribution to forward planning, polished/jewelry distribution, design and marketing solutions and co-op branding.

Star Rays

StarRays is a diamond manufacturer who is passionate about their product and solely focused on the diamond industry.

Stuller, Inc.

From 600,000 square feet of manufacturing and administrative space, we serve some 40,000 jewelry professionals as a manufacturer and distributor of finished jewelry, mountings and findings, loose diamonds and gemstones, jewelers’ tools and supplies. Stuller is known as the premier just-in-time supplier to the North American jewelry industry.

Suashish Diamonds Ltd.

Suashish Diamonds is a global, publicly quoted corporation offering end-to-end solutions from the cutting and polishing of rough diamonds, to the design and manufacture of diamond jewelry, with production supported by the world`s single largest installation of laser cutting machines.

Tache Company nv

"From rough to polished to fine diamond jewelry TM", Tache fulfils the needs of its clients through privileged access to the products and services of all the Tache Alliance companies. Tache provides global presence with local expertise, as well as marketing and logistical services.

Tasaki Shinju Co. Ltd.

We specialize in Round, Triple Excellent Cut, Hearts and Arrows and AGS 0, between 20pts and 1.5cts. Most of our goods are F and better and VVS-VS-SI. We cover the entire diamond pipeline, from diamond and jewelry manufacturing to our own 63 retail stores, employing 28 in-house designers.

Teemane Manufacturing Company

Diarough is one of the world’s most important and influential diamond dealers, counted amongst the most professional and respected names in the industry.

Trau Bros nv

Since 1890, our expertise in high quality manufacturing and professional clientele services has offered our clients prestige, innovation and fidelity. Additionally, our clients enjoy superior customer service and full marketing support. Our experience has expanded into the successful launch of a prestigious high-end jewelry line.

Vallabhabai Dhanijibhai & Co.

VD Global’s story began in 1974 when Vallabhbhai Dhanjibhai Vaghasia, founder of VD Global Pvt. Ltd. had one simple belief - to manufacture diamonds into priceless expressions transcending all words.

Venus Jewel

We are specialists in fine make from 0.50 to 10cts+ in Rounds and Fancies, and enjoy international recognition for our perfection-oriented business systems. Our proprietary "Venus Gradin System" breaks new ground for precision grading based sales and marketing. We have a firm commitment to excellence and the highest ethical standards.

Vijaydimon bvba

Vijaydimon supplies rough diamonds in a wide variety of qualities. We service retailers and wholesalers with polished diamonds produced from our own manufacturing facilities in cutting centers around the world. With our own jewelry design and manufacturing operation, we have a high profile in the US.

Wing Hang Diamond Company Limited

To be a premier world leader in the processing and sale of gem quality diamonds that enjoying the world wide recognition of possessing state-of-art technology, strong commitment to customer needs, honest and trustworthy business practice and visionary strategy.

Yaelstar Bvba

For more than 25 years, J.B & Borhters has created a global mark in exporting, sourcing and distributing diamonds worldwide.

Yerushalmi Brothers Diamond Ltd.

With six offices worldwide, a large variety of polished diamonds and cutting edge manufacturing facilities in Israel and India, Yerushalmi can guarantee personal and top quality services. Our innovative team has successfully launched two jewelry brands in the USA and China offering our clients unique insight and branding experience.

Yoshfe Diamonds International Ltd

Yoshfe Diamonds International Ltd. (YDI) is a third-generation family business with a unique history in the diamond industry. The late Zorach Fluk (Z"L), a pioneering member of the Israeli Diamond Industry, established his company in 1946.

Yossi Glick Diamonds (2003) Ltd.

Yossi Glick has specialized for over 30 years in preparing, sorting and marketing a consistent range of strictly assorted rough products. The combination of these sophisticated products and our innovative customer services, is the key to our success.