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AGI has been at forefront of diamond grading and certification since its inception almost 50 years ago, helping our customers achieve their goals. AGI offers a range of certification services, including a customised diamond sealing service and valuation reports, all of which are graded according to industry standards.

A.G.S.L. - American Gem Society Laboratories

Since 1996, the AGS Laboratories has provided modern diamond grading services to members of the industry. Today, we continue with our innovative approaches to diamond grading and consistently adhere to the AGS consumer protection ethics and standards.


A.I.G.R. (American Institute Of Gemological Research) was founded in February of 1979 as an Independent Gemological Laboratory, devoted solely to the gemological research and monetary evaluation of gems and fine jewelry. All evaluations are backed by a micro-chemical analysis and state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Centre For Gem Studies

Centre For Gem Studies is the only Educational and Research Organization in Kerala, that provides regular classes in Gemmology in par with any international standards. The centre has a Diamond & Gemstone Testing laboratory, which conducts Gem Testing for the public and for the Gem and Jewelry sector.

DCLA - Diamond Certification Laboratory of Australia

The DCLA is an independent grading laboratory, internationally affiliated and recognized. The laboratory does not sell, buy or trade in diamonds and is endorsed by the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). The laboratory is constantly updating equipment to keep abreast of the developments in treatments and detection methods.

E.G.L. International

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of buying a diamond or a precious stone. We do not sell diamonds or gems, nor do we make valuations, and we are totally independent of any diamond sales organization.


Established in 1974, EGL USA, as one of the leading gemological institutions in Northern America, offers the most comprehensive array of gem identification and evaluation reports in the industry. We are full service laboratory, providing services for diamond grading, colored diamonds, colored stones and pearls.

EGS - Empire Gemological Services

EGS offers the fine jewelry trade accurate, reliable gemstone identification and professional certification to validate their gemstone purchases.

GCAL - Gem Certification and Assurance Lab

GCAL is the only diamond grading company that provides traceable, identification and verification of diamonds to assure auditors, lenders and owners with specific matching of diamonds to accounting records.


The GECI is the entrance to the world of gemology with a laboratory furnished with state-of-the-art gemological equipment, leader in innovation and education based on research, international standards and advanced technologies.

G.G.L. - Gubelin Gem Lab

The Gubelin Gem Lab presently has a staff composed of six gemmologists with a combined experience of gemmological analysis exceeding 90 years!

G.I.A. - Gemological Institute of America

Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning. With nearly 900 employees, the Institute’s scientists, diamond graders, and educators are regarded, collectively, as the world`s foremost authority in gemology.

G.S.I. - Gemological Science International

Gemological Science International (GSI) is an independent gem laboratory that has re-engineered the processing paths for gem I.D. and grading, resulting in higher productivity and reduced costs for its clients. Other innovations include 24/7 online tracking of diamond grading, access to actual report in real time, and digital plotting.

GemEx Systems

Developers of the Brilliance Scope. An innovative tool that measures the brilliance of a diamond generating a printed report that assists retailers to close sales faster with higher margins. With the GemEx report the consumer is guaranteed to get the best performing diamond that money can buy.

Gem Scan International Inc.

Established in 1985, Gem Scan is an independent gemological laboratory that provides diamond grading, colored stone grading, jewelry appraisals and laser inscription to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and the public. Gem Scan is an ISO 9001 registered company.

H.R.D. - Hoge Raad voor Diamant

The educational department of the Antwerp Diamond High Council is the HRD Institute of Gemmology. It offers a range of highly qualified training programmes in diamond grading and gemmology.

HKD Diamond Laboratories Canada

We are a Canadian firm established in the Canadian marketplace as Gemologist providing various Gemological Services for the Wholesale and Retail Market. As a Wholesaler / Manufacturer / Retailer, certifying your Diamonds at Diamond Laboratories Canada (DLC) allows you to quickly understand evaluate your Diamonds.

I.D.I. - Gemological Laboratory

The Laboratory is a subsidiary of the Israel Diamond Institute, which is a non-profit public company established 20 years ago (formerly G.I.L.I) for the purpose of providing the Israel diamond industry with reliable gemology services.

I.G.C. - International Gemological Center (Israel) Ltd.

With long standing experience and expertise of over 20 years in gemological services we are a name to trust in diamond and gemstone grading. A certificate provided by the International Gemological Center is a stamp of quality.

I.G.I. - International Gemmological Institute

Established in Antwerp, New York, Mumbai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Cavalese and Seoul, IGI is the world`s largest independent gem certification and appraisal institute and is renowned for its quality services, extensive experience and know-how.

Independent Gemological Laboratories

INDEPENDENT was established in 1999 from a need expressed by industry leaders for a laboratory that addressed the critical issues of servicing and supplying the growing demand for certified products. We now have laboratories in New York and in Mumbai.