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IDEX Online has been collecting diamond pricing information dating back to 2001; Providing unbiased and transparent diamond pricing data is at the core of our business, and we pride ourselves in holding the largest such available database, now made available for sale in various forms and packages.

*Please find below a summary of our existing data services:

IDEX Diamond Index and Drivers, historical data

The IDEX Diamond Index and Drivers were launched in July 2004, following comprehensive research and analyses of Prof. Avi Wohl, Finance Faculty at the Tel Aviv University. The overall composite, as well as the 15 Diamond Market Drivers, a total group of 16 indices, reflect market history and trends of wholesale polished diamond prices for a period of more than 17 years. We can provide historical data for the entire group of indices dating back to their inception in July 2004, as well as provide historical data for selected market drivers, or the overall composite separately, for specified years, per your needs.

For the most part, this data is available for sale on the secured data platform One Creation, which is accessible by invitation only: you can find there the overall composite, the 1 carat index, the 2 carat index, as well as the option to purchase the full set of overall composite + 15 market drivers for various defined periods of time. Should you require a specific index that does not sell separately on the One Creation platform, we would provide that to you directly. In order to access the One Creation dashboard and view the various data packages available for sale, please provide us with your full company name, contact name, and email address, and we’ll arrange for you to receive an invitation to the platform.

IDEX Diamond Index and Drivers API – live readings

We have the three following APIs of our diamond index and drivers:

  • Diamond Index live readings and % change
  • Diamond Index live reading, % change and accompanying graph
  • Diamond Index and Drivers live readings and % changes

Real Time Prices API:

The IDEX Real Time Prices API is a data service based on both the historical and current polished diamond inventory posted for sale on the IDEX trading network. This web service enables extraction of price information on a specific polished diamond category. For example, your system could query this service for Round, 1.00 carat, G, VS2, GIA, Excellent Cut Grade, and in return, our system would provide the following information: Current average asking price, high (average asking price for the most expensive 10% of goods in the specified category), low (average asking price for the cheapest 10% of the goods), last three months average asking price. This service is ideal for appraisals, online inventory management or search facility, as well as any calculator-like feature, since it queries a single category at a time.

Standard or Dedicated 'Data Dump' Service:

We can provide a web service of polished diamond prices based on the goods posted for sale on the IDEX trading network, catering to a standard pre-defined range of polished diamond categories, or alternatively to a specifically defined range of categories per your needs. In this service, we can provide both historical data as well as current real time data. Such a service can be defined per your frequencyneeds of data points, meaning we could provide monthly, weekly or daily files, both historical and current.

*For pricing information on all data subscriptions please email prices@idexonline.com, or contact your IDEX account manager.