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Two Arrested after Jewelry Packages Intercepted

Two people have been arrested after packages of jewelry were allegedly intercepted from delivery companies in Sacramento, California, USA. One of the, named as Lakisha Pettus, is accused of posing as a jewelry ... Read More..

Lab Grown Prices Could Fall Another 80%

Lab grown prices have yet to bottom, and could fall by a further 80 per cent, says one industry expert. The gap with natural diamonds has been widening since labs growns first became mainstream in 2018. In some cases... Read More..

Diamond Foundry set to Open Lab Grown Factory in Spain

Diamond Foundry, the Silicon Valley startup, says test production of lab growns at its new factory in Trujillo, Spain, will begin this autumn. It estimates output at more than 2m carats a year with 168 plasma reactors... Read More..

Swiss Court Rules on Customized Rolex Watches

Swiss Supreme Court Sounds off on Customized Watches in Rolex Case Switzerland's highest court has made a landmark ruling on the legality of a third party selling customized Rolex watches. It distinguishes ... Read More..

De Beers Discounts Lightbox Lab Growns

Lightbox has been testing out lower prices for its lab grown diamonds. It says its Standard quality stones have been discounted from $800 a carat to $600 and its Finest range of higher quality lab growns have been... Read More..

After the Smart Watch, it's the Smart Earring

A smart earring developed at University of Washington, USA, monitors earlobe temperature. It senses skin temperature more accurately than a smartphone and could be developed to monitor signs of stress, eating... Read More..