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Winners and Losers in $100m Jewelry Superseller Stakes

Signet remains by far the biggest-grossing jeweler in North America, according to National Jeweler magazine's annual State of the Majors report on $100m supersellers published yesterday. Total sales .. Read More..

Petra Sells Williamson Stake for $15m

Petra Diamonds has sold half its stake in the Williamson mine, in Tanzania, for $15m. The UK-based miner said the sale to Taifa Mining, the country's largest mining contractor, would place the mine... Read More..

IDEX Price Report for 1 June: Many More Round Losses

Markets remain depressed, with further widespread losses among rounds, as the prospect of possible G7 sanctions on Russian diamonds looms, combined with a lull before the Vegas storm and disappointment that... Read More..

Farewell to Legendary Diamond Cutter Sir Gabi Tolkowsky

Sir Gabriel "Gabi" Tolkowsky, the legendary master diamond cutter and innovator, has died at the aged of 84. He will be remembered for a catalog of remarkable achievements during a career spanning seven decades... Read More..

Lightbox Opens New York Concept Store

De Beers has taken another step towards its own bricks and mortar sales of its lab grown diamonds with the opening of a short-term Lightbox "concept store" in New York. The online retailer announced ... Read More..

Pipeline Report 2022: The Reality of Hybrid Diamond Jewelry

Hybrid diamond jewelry - a mix of natural and lab grown stones - is the new reality. That's according to the latest edition of the Tacy Diamond Pipeline, which has provided an independent and unbiased.... Read More..