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Latest News & Stories

Larry West Buys a Unique 6.21-carat Pink Purple Diamond

Collector Larry West has added a unique Siberian stone to his famed array of pink diamonds. He is now proud owner of a 6.21-carat cushion cut fancy intense pink purple diamond ... Read More..

"Promising" Results in Exploration for Alluvial Diamonds in Lulo

Lucapa reports "promising" results in its search for alluvial diamonds in Lulo, Angola. The ASX-listed Lucapa Diamond Company says 45 diamonds of up to 3.75 carats... Read More..

Star Diamond Says Rio Tinto Options Exercise not Compliant with JV Terms

Star Diamond Corporation has told Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc. (RTEC) that its "purported exercise" of its four options under the Option to Joint Venture Agreement did not comply with the terms of the agreement... Read More..

Angola's Diamond Revenue Rises 6.2 per cent to $1.299 billion

DIAMOND production in Angola rose by 12.3 per cent last year, according to Sodiam, the state diamond marketing company... Read More..

TRIGEM Partners with Belgian Boiling Company in Dubai

TRIGEM has opened a Belgian-certified independent boiling facility in Dubai in partnership with Charlotte Quality Boiling Belgium... Read More..

Sharp Drop in US Imports Blamed on Coronavirus

Coronavirus is being blamed for a sharp decline in imports to the USA. Overall volumes of shipping containers entering the country will be down... Read More..