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Use the IDEX Online diamond-trading platform to buy and sell diamonds safely and securely, with just the click of a button. Quickly search more than 1,000,000 polished diamonds, identify the best deal for you and contact sellers directly. Post diamonds, search for diamonds and list buy requests. The trading platform features complete supplier details, fully scanned certificates and diamond images, allowing you complete peace of mind when making purchases.

Buy Guaranteed – IDEX Direct

With Guaranteed Diamond Transactions ® (Guaranteed Diamond Transactions®️): securely buy authenticated polished diamonds, with immediate delivery, for a low transaction fee using our fully automated online trading service. Guaranteed Diamond Transactions®️ offers guaranteed availability, consolidated international shipping, and delivery to buyers, along with guaranteed cash payment to sellers. This ever-expanding service is available in the main global diamond centers, in Europe, the US, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, the UAE and more.

IDEX Onsite: Inventory APIs and Embedded Diamond Search

Use our live inventory feeds and embedded diamond search, to give your buyers access to thousands of diamonds from our $5+ billion inventory. Customization features allow you to filter diamonds, match your own corporate identity, apply your pricing scheme and connect to a shopping cart. IDEX Onsite is available to all IDEX Online members for an additional monthly fee. IDEX Onsite API service guide

Diamond Prices

As a data specialist, IDEX Online prides itself on providing unbiased and transparent pricing information to the market. With no direct involvement in trading diamonds, IDEX Online gives traders the tools they need to make the right business choices.

Wholesale Price Report

Based on price changes as reflected by the global trade on IDEX’S trading platform, this weekly report is a reliable, transparent and unbiased pricing tool and analysis of higher-quality diamonds.

Live Asking Prices

Search and view real-time average asking prices for polished diamonds derived from inventories estimated at more than $5 billion.

Diamond Index

The IDEX Online indices are derived in real-time from actual asking prices and objectively reflect price trends as they happen.

News and Stories

IDEX Online News

Updated daily, idexonline.com covers the latest news, views and events taking place in the diamond and jewelry world. We feature a range of original content and analysis, including polished diamond price reports, rough diamond reports and retail coverage.

IDEX Research

The IDEX Online Research materials are unique analysis articles on industry topics that can’t be found anywhere else in the global diamond industry press. Utilizing the IDEX diamond prices database, IDEX Research provides the savvy industry reader with an informed and in-depth look at polished diamond price trends and the forces that shape them.